Sonntag, 23. Juli 2017

Phat Photo Post

Acronicta alni
Hello folks! Actually I wanted to write about my new achievement, but since that wouldn't fill a long post I will do that another time. I have so many photos of interesting animals I want to share! First I visited some ponds in my near, after I visited the Botanical Garden of Zurich (with my camera this time) and then I went hiking into the mountains. I put all three events together and fatten you with all these pictures. I hope you enjoy them. Now, under the cut you go!

Mittwoch, 5. Juli 2017

Some Summer Pictures

Female lesser stag beetle. About 3cm long (and nice).

Hello there! My Fennel and I enjoy summer a lot, so we did a trip to Southern Germany. While we visited a forest close to the city, we saw a few nice little critters.

Caterpillar of Lymantria dispar. It was about 5cm long (and also nice ^^).

A beuatiful Argynnis paphia!
Fennel took all the pictures with his smartphone.

Sonntag, 18. Juni 2017

Summer Encaunter

After an "april-ish" spring summer came very fast. There was almost no occassion to wear my overpriced cagoule... Tsk! But I won't complain, I like warm weather. But for strolls it's often too hot for me, so I would prefer to take a refreshing bath in the lake. However there was still time to hunt some critters near the lake <3

Sonntag, 14. Mai 2017

Spring Snakes!

Spring was strange so far. First it was very warm, even dry (we had forest fires) and than winter came back. Warm and very cold days rotated but now spring is here - finally. I managed it to visit my beloved snakes and took some photos of them and other creatures. Have a look under the cut.